Mil-Spec Electronic Component Manufacturing
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At A and M Electronics, Inc., we specialize in Mil-Spec electronic component manufacturing including class III PCB assemblies, wire harnesses, cables, and box builds. These high quality components are not only used in the military, but by other industries that require the same level of quality and reliability. We have a dedicated conformal coating environment that allows us to outfit our custom assemblies with protection against the harshest environmental conditions.

Our custom components are produced using surface mount technology (SMT) and through hole technology with Sn63Pb37 or RoHs compliant soldering available. We provide ionic contamination testing to ensure proper performance of all assemblies, and can provide additional quality testing on specialized equipment provided by the customer. In addition, we offer value engineering services to help customers get the best and most economical part possible. Our typical turnaround time is two weeks, but quick turn service is available when needed. For more information about our Mil-Spec electronic components, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Mil-Spec Electronic Component Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing Process

Surface Mount Technology
Through Hole Technology
Sn63/Pb37 Soldering

RoHS Solder
Conformal Coating

Manufactured Product

ACES II Sequencer (flight ejection mechanism for fighter jets)
Hydrogen leak detection systems

Wireless Crane Safety Equipment
Audio Equipment


Ionic Contamination Detection

Customer Furnished Test Equipment


Classes I, II & III

Additional Services

Box Build Assembly
Built to Print

Value Engineering

Turnaround Time

2 weeks (Standard lead time)

Quick Turn Available

Production Volume

Prototype to Production

Additional Information

Industry Focus



Industry Standards

ANSI / J-STD-001
ISO 9001:2015

IPC -A-610

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